Tuesday, February 26, 2013
The Day Valentine Broke My Heart

I have said many things
They filled the chapters of an unhappy story
I wish to compose a Valentines day verse
Now Im simply writing a goodbye note.

I started to feel and I wanted to share
A special kind of love beyond celebration and holidays
I would simply put my arms around you
But when I opened my eyes to kiss you
Cupid only shook my hand

Valentines Day is here
Everyone shares it with the one they care for
I offer my heart and a love with open arms
The arrows of passion comes from Cupids flight
A straight path to my heart
A n arrow for an unrequited
Thats the day Valentine broke my heart

Now, farewell so you may be happy
I may not be there to watch you dance under the stars
But I see the same stars from the distance
They say you smiled lovingly this Valentines Day
But they did not tell you I simply danced alone.

Posted at 10:18 pm by visualmaximus


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